Extraordinary. Five potentially disastrous days.

An extraordinary week.

First, my friend fell off her two storey roof and walked out of hospital four days later. One word is fitting: miraculous.

She broke her chin and a rib, and cracked another rib. One of her nurses commented to me, “In seventeen years working on this ward, this is a first. The patient either broke limbs, became paralyzed, or suffered head trauma of some sort.”

With the exception of glorious bruising dotted about her body, a jaw which is wired shut for five more weeks, and sore ribs, my friend is already up and about. The irony of avoiding a difficult conversation with someone isn’t lost on her. A potentially catastrophic accident offers a profound life lesson – what matters most to you? I certainly took stock of my priorities.

Second, a barge carrying a crane snagged the overhead power, fibre-optic, and phone lines, leaving two small island communities without power for forty-eight hours and no land-line or internet capabilities for five days. In short order it became apparent of individuals who are prepared for such events, and those who aren’t — including first responders. Without land-lines and/or a cell signal, 911 was inoperative. Our emergency preparedness as a community has some grist for the mill.

All our quirky uniqueness leapt foreground, and, I admit, continues to fascinate the heck out of me.

Many people rolled with the inconvenience, others whined. A handful of folks, armed with their staggering presumptions, impatience, and gargantuan sense of entitlement showed me an ugly underbelly I knew existed, but here-to-fore I’d not experienced. At least not to this extent.

Most, were unprepared. I’m prepared for a week – at most, and need to work on filling the pantry with more non-perishables.

Local shops accepted cash or a cheque. Do you use cheques? Do young people write cheques or rely on ATM’s? Do you have a supply of water, food, medications at hand?

This past week taught me life can change in a nano-second. I am grateful for everyone and everything in my life.




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