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I love this  soap. Currently using Gastown Goat. 

The scent is subtle but not too subtle. Which is perfect for me. I’m not big on strong smells. It rinses off clean which a lot of  other soaps don’t. I have psoriasis and find that most soaps sting when I am having a flair up but your soap doesn’t do that at all. So next time I’m over to Gabriola I’m going to have to load up and try the other scents. 


2 thoughts on “Like our soap? Write a comment below!

  1. Some 6 months ago I purchased a few bars of Point 6 Acre goat soap with the plan to give them as gifts as well as try them myself. I have sensitive skin that tends toward dry and itchy at its best, and red and inflamed at its worst. I began with “Only the Goat” – luscious and creamy- and my skin seemed less itchy immediately. I then tried “Mellow Goat” – I LOVE the soft scent of lavender – and now a few weeks in, my February/March skin was no longer itchy and not nearly as dry. I gifted “Spunky Goat” to my sis – it was hard as I loved the subtle scent of pine and peppermint – and she loves it too. “Gastown Goat” was next, with the scent of rose which was perfect for April into May. And now I’m using”Savvy Sage Goat” – Perfect scent for a very hot July in SoCal.
    If this sounds like I’m going through bars rapidly, no, they seem to last a very long time on a soap dish that drains well. I let the bar dry and wrap it back up so I can move on to my next one. (I’m known for my impatience-LOL!)
    I began using the soap for washing my hands after gardening, especially after dealing with my citrus trees with always give me a rash, and have been so pleased, I decided to switch out my facial cleanser as well and try the soap.
    I saw my dermatologist this week, and to my surprise, she commented on how healthy my skin was looking. Not patchy and dry, no signs of irritation. And she noticed! She told me to keep doing what I was doing and to see her in 6 months instead of my normal 3.
    I am so pleased with these beautiful soaps, and my next purchases are also going to go out as gifts. Really. I promise.

  2. Your soap is the best!
    So lush and luxurious and I love the subtle and natural scents. My new favorite!

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