Is your goat milk bought from the grocery store?

No! We know exactly which goats produce the rich and creamy milk we use in our soaps.

Are your products 100% organic?

Yes! We use only organic ingredients and to the best of our ability choose sustainable and ethically produced products.

Your soaps contain palm oil! You’re killing orangutans!

No, we are not killing orangutans.

We use palm oil specifically supplied by Palm Done Right®. Palm oil is a superior vegetable oil when done right.

Palm Done Right® is the sustainable palm oil solution. 100% organic, deforestation-free, wildlife friendly, fair & social. Palm Done Right® is good for the animals: Deforestation-free, wildlife friendly, good for people & communities: fair wages, education, healthcare and support for farmers, workers and their families, community-directed investment. Harvested year-round ensuring a steady income, and, good for the environment: revitalization of soil, use of cover crops, composting and other organic practices. The most efficient vegetable oil, producing 5-10 times more oil per acre than other vegetable oils.

Have questions about palm oil? For more information, please go to palmdoneright.com

Will my skin get dry?

You might experience a difference in your skin condition as you transition from your old soap to our soap. This should not take long. There are no drying ingredients in our soaps – quite the opposite! Our soaps are only made from the finest natural organic oils.

What is Sodium Lactate and why is it in your soap?

Derived from the natural fermentation of sugars found in beets, sodium lactate is the sodium salt of lactic acid. The main benefit is it helps soap harden more quickly. This is advantageous as we make a version of Castille soap. Castille soaps traditionally take longer to cure. And, because the bars are harder, they tend to last longer in the shower.

Do you do wholesale orders?

Yes! Please submit your request on the Contact page and we’ll happily discuss pricing and options.

Are your products 100% gluten and nut free?

No. We snack on oatmeal products and nuts from time to time. We cannot guarantee that our products have no traces of nuts. 

Do you accept returns and give refunds?

We offer refunds if you’re completely unsatisfied with your product. Unfortunately, we do not accept returns. If you’re unsatisfied with your product, please contact info@point6acre and we’ll be happy to discuss your concerns.