2017, a new year.

2016. A year filled with the deaths of too many of our favourite celebrities, a year fraught with political angst, and the year in which sweet Tia died. I admit in this regard, I was glad to see the back of a hellish year.

2016. A year also filled with joy. My joys were home renovations, the vegetable garden, attending the 2nd Writer Unboxed UnCon in Salem, MA, and the addition of Rupert (Roo) to my family. (Check out his Bio pic page.)

I’m not one for New Year’s Resolutions, it’s more I think of how I want to continue to simplify my life, and how I envision that.

So, for 2017, I will continue to:

  • Focus on zero waste and eliminate plastic products from my home. A dastardly thing to do. The stuff is everywhere.
  • Turn my small property into a functioning permaculture property. To do this, I need to work on my five-year plan. I also need to keep the brambles at bay! (If I get my veggie garden in again this year, I’ll be happy!)
  • Revel in the paradise in which I find myself. Take long walks with Roo. Snuggle with Harold.
  • Build my reflexology business. Delight in teaching reflexology.
  • Complete the latest draft of my novel and get it to beta-readers.

That’s more than enough to keep me out of trouble!

What hopes and dreams do you have for 2017?



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