Three unfortunates & flooring, oh, flooring.

I seem to have an unfortunate theme running.

Unfortunately, I changed the blog name from Harold, Tia & Me, to Harold & Me. A wrenching decision, yet, it’s time. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, I explain in my last post.

Unfortunately, the dog I hoped to adopt didn’t get along with Harold. Always ready to put his best paw forward, Harold gave the new arrival his best shot and tried to win her over. Phoebe, a small sharpei, and rescue from a kill shelter, was delightfully sweet and loving — toward me. Regarding Harold, however, I’m pretty sure she viewed him as a prey item, and targeted him. Phoebe sprawled on the floor where she could watch him. The deciding factor occurred when she didn’t listen to Harold’s hissing and spitting and flattened him. Fortunately, he is okay and there was a back-up foster to adopt plan in place. That being said, I am now the adoptees back-up! Phoebe came and spent one night here, and I’m okay with that as Harold doesn’t mind being sequestered for a short period of time.

And, unfortunately the flooring won’t begin until the middle of October. I am still gobsmacked at the rigamarole to finish these floors. Between getting the percentage of moisture down in the sub-floor, to heating/venting/dehumidifying the crawlspace, the past month has been an exercise in patience. Basically, I’m camping in my house.

If I hadn’t learned to inject humour into my life all those years ago after my motorcycle accident, I might not be coping this well now! Back-up plans are a good idea!

As Monty Python says:

I imagine my next post will be chock-a-block with fortunates!

How do you handle the unexpected?



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