Simplifying moving, reno’s, pets, zero waste, and dreams.

B&B living
Reno’s begin, and go on, and on, and on, ad nauseam.

That sums up the past nine months!

What a move it was. Tia hated the move. Well, she hated all change. This move however, tipped her over the edge as all my belongings went into storage while I searched for a house to buy. Once found, I had a two-week period where I was homeless. Fortunately, a friend owns a B&B. Bless her! She took in Harold, Tia, and me. Luckily, Tia loved Liz. Hint: Consider a stay at a B&B if you’re moving – even for one night. It’s a treat and a great break from the mayhem!

All my worldly possessions needed to go into a ten by twelve storage locker. That was a blessing in disguise. Hint: If you are planning a move, consider this a brilliant opportunity to un-clutter and whittle away at the things you don’t use, need, or love while you pack.

Upon arrival at the new house, I removed the carpets and other flooring. Right down to the sub-floor. I lived with the sub-floor until about three weeks ago. The two bedrooms and office were painted, wall-paper came down in the bathroom, and a timely phone call from a friend elicited new-to-me kitchen cabinets to replace the old, dated pink ones. Yes, pink. Bubble-gum pink to be precise! If you’re interested, feel free to take a peek at the album on the reno’s. You can find it HERE. Unfortunately, the video of the house pre-reno’s can’t be uploaded; seem to have lost slide-show ability as well. I’m trying to sort this out.

Over these past months, I finished painting the inside of the house, took out drippy laundry tubs and bathroom vanities, and most recently, a friend and I put down birch flooring everywhere except the kitchen, laundry room, and bathroom.

Today, I’m sitting on a Thai cushion on the living-room floor. My belongings are either on the porch or in my office. I wait for the pro – Kevin, to come to sand and finish the floors. Admission: Putting the flooring down myself was supposed to be the cost-effective route. It’s turned out to be the reverse. There was no way I could sand and finish the floors by myself. Hint: If you intend doing reno’s yourself, check  all the steps and facts first. It can possibly save you money to have a pro do the job instead.

That being said, at the end of the day, the floors will be stunning! (Wait for the pics!)

And of course, some things went sideways.

Zero waste goals progress but still prove to be a struggle. It’s easy to buy the packaged goods from the cooler section of the store rather than take a container. Many stores don’t want me to take my own container. They cite health and safety rules and regulations. That’s been a learning. I discovered I annoy my friends because I don’t buy paper towel and cling wrap. I use glass containers with lids or beeswax covered wrappings. They’ll get over it!

Minimalism is alive and well. Since everything is outside vs inside at the moment, I will evaluate each item before it comes back into the house. Do I use this? Do I love this? Do I need this? I imagine a lighter and emptier house.

Moving to a larger piece of property, well, larger to me – it’s .60 acre, gives me an opportunity to resurrect my gardening skills and permaculture dreams. As soon as the ground was workable in the spring, I got at the massive task of pick-axing out bramble roots (blackberry roots if you weren’t sure), then turning the soil with the garden fork to get more of them before a final pass with the rototiller.

It’s been a worthwhile adventure! The veggie garden gets hot. Some things, like squash, corn, peppers, cabbage, brussels sprouts are doing beautifully. Others, like spinach and lettuce, bolted almost immediately. This season is a learning season.

Writing is haphazard at best. I start to work on the novel, get side-tracked by a reno project and consequently lose any momentum I gained. I’m glad I finished the last draft before I moved. I am working on it, albeit slower. Presently going through the character arcs. A task which is going well as I focus on one bit of the novel at a time.

Pets tug at my heart-strings. Tia died at the end of May. She went down-hill quickly; small consolation. Harold and I miss her tremendously. Harold latched onto my friend’s dog, Cash, while they were helping with the flooring. He (Harold) has told me in no uncertain terms that he needs a dog. There is a rescue sharpei, who, if she likes cats, might join us soon.

Exercise/Work/Play is a constant juggling act. I don’t like walking without Tia, so hope this new possibility works out. My heart aches; missing Tia and lack of exercise. Reflexology and teaching foot reflexology go well. Play? I have found time to get to a movie or two, have dinner with friends. I’m not that anti-social or wrapped up in reno’s!

So, there you have it. Nine months in a nutshell.

I hope all’s well in your world.

With loving and warmth,


Question: What moving, zero waste, minimalist tips do you have? What’s working best for you?

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  2. So many changes! So graciously navigated. You are always an inspiration, Brin. Each careful choice a mindful decision with much heart. May your home always be blessed with much joy and love. May it always be a place of peace and restoration. 💕

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