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Compostable packaging – that’s great news!

I’m excited to share Point 6 Acre has compostable packaging for our soap. Many people assume compostable and biodegradable are the same thing. They’re not! I purchase my packaging from Elevate Packaging. I’m going to quote them and post a link.

“Both terms describe a natural process for recycling organic waste. All compostable products are biodegradable, but biodegradable products are not always compostable.

The main difference is that compostable products have undergone strict testing to ensure that they break down within a specific time frame and do not release anything harmful into the environment. Biodegradable products have no such requirements, meaning that they may not be as beneficial as they first appear.

Compostable packaging will:

  • Break down within the time needed by the composting environment
  • Not release harmful toxins as it decomposes
  • Create healthy compost that enriches the soil

Compostable packaging must adhere to strict standards and has been rigorously tested. Packaging labeled only as biodegradable cannot be composted and must therefore be sent to a landfill.”

To read more, click HERE.

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