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The excitement builds.

Tomorrow morning. On the dot of 9:30 a.m. I will pick up the keys to my house from the realtor’s office. My excitement burbles inside me and escapes as a smile and childish giggle. I look forward to posting before and after pictures. Maybe a short video?

Today, the skies are clear. Nary a puff of wind. But the forecast for the next few days is not so sunny. My first task is to clean the gutters — I’ve been fretting about them. They are full of leaves and we’ve had torrential rains. Then, I’ll pull up the old carpet in the living room, bedrooms and small office. I’ve rented a long-handled scraper thingy in the event the carpet is a stickler and refuses to budge. I shall prevail!

I’ll take Tia with me. My imaginings of seeing her explore the yard, nose to the ground, snuffling and sniffing, delight me.

A new house and garden space filled with potential. My fingers itch to pick up the paint brush. I’ve picked my colour palette.

Let the mayhem begin. Whoop!



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