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And, more snow

The website has undergone a facelift. Some of you may remember it as: Harold, Rupert, and Me. I’ve removed 99.9% of the old content. If you’re missing a particular post, let me know, I can add it back.

2019 will be a busy year, assuming it stops snowing!

The Buildings: I’m currently gutting the inside of the shed (future goat barn). Thankfully the drywall tested negative for asbestos, so I was able to safely remove it. Pulling nails, ripping up the flooring, and readying the interior are upcoming jobs. In June or July, I’ll replace the roof. Those are the priorities for this year. If possible, I’d like to get the fence posts in and sort out someone to help with the fencing. In all likelihood, though, that will be early next year.

The Gardens: On snowy days like today, it’s nice to sit by the fire and continue planning the veggie garden. Seeds are here, but it’s too cold to begin anything in the greenhouse and I’m on the fence about starting seeds inside. If it’s like last year, it was a cold, wet spring. First priority this year is sourcing and acquiring several cattle panels for the raised beds. I want to start some vertical gardening. Likely next year, I’ll add more 2X6’s to the raised beds. In March the bare-root elderberry sticks arrive. They’ll get potted out for the time-being. And, there’s the on-going maintenance of the existing herb garden, flower beds, and raised beds.

The Kitchen: I’ve been enjoying making and canning masses of bone broth, and making a variety of fermented foods. The latest were carrot-ginger ferment and curried caulikraut. As usual, I have a batch of kombucha going and love adding grated ginger to the second ferment.

The Chickens: Work will begin on the predator-proof chicken tractor end March-early April, then I’ll get four birds. Not lots to begin with, I need to get used to having them again. Years ago, I had barred rock chickens. This time, I’d like to get a few birds that lay different coloured eggs.

The Goats: I’m aiming adding a doe and a wether in 2020. The goat barn and other infrastructure needs to be completed first.

I love where I live. It’s a property that works for me — there will always a project!



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