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Time. All in good time.

This sounds like a cliché, but if I’ve learned anything over the years, it’s that everything happens for a reason. I know many people disagree with me, and that’s their prerogative, but in my case, I know when things happen, it’s because there’s a learning in it for me.

Case in point, on June 1, I slipped in the garden, hit my left wrist on a cement block, and broke both wrist bones. Three weeks in, it was decided that I needed surgery so my time-frame was effectively set back. I saw the surgeon last Wednesday for a new x-ray and consultation and was pleased to learn things are progressing well. I can increase my wrist and finger exercises and wear the wrist brace less often. That being said, it’s unclear when I’ll be working again. I’m hopeful early September I can slowly start seeing clients again.

The lesson for me?

Surrender. To have no preconceived notion of anything, or any outcome. To be still.

To be helpless. To do everything with one hand. To learn to ask for help. To learn some things – most things, can wait, or ultimately don’t matter.

It’s easy. Not.

We’re brought up thinking we have to be busy, doing things, accomplishing things – every waking moment. We must be constantly striving to reach our goals and ambitions. We must always be productive. Proving our worthiness.

To simply sit and be still, observing the world around me has been, at the end of the day, a gift. That most of what I thought matters, actually doesn’t. The joy in birdsong, Roo snoring, Harold purring.

I’ve turning an energetic corner. I feel the shift move from healing the bones in my wrist to experiencing an encouraging urge to begin writing again. This time an opportunity to complete the next draft in my novel.

British Columbia is suffering some of the worst forest fires in 60 years. There is a creepy haze to the sky and even under ideal circumstances, outdoor activities for everyone are curtailed. The air quality is awful.

This might sound like a gloomy post, but it isn’t. Despite the broken wrist, it’s been a positive learning for me. The torrential rain in early spring has created a glut of blackberries, and I have been one handedly picking like mad. I’ve also enjoyed taking magical walks with Roo.

I’m curious. How do you view the unexpected? Do you find it easy to surrender?

With loving and warmth,



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