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April. Hello, Spring?

Over the past few weeks I’ve nibbled away at the bramble pile. Yes, that bramble pile. It’s half gone. It’s like my own personal Everest I scale from time to time. I’m both delighted and overwhelmed to discover soil and worms at the top of the pile. It’s so thoroughly packed down I’m hoping when the fallers fall the maples, the pile will fall apart. Somehow I think that’s wishful thinking! There’s going to be great dirt in the middle of it though! There’s a pic in the slideshow below, of a friend standing beside the pile. For scale, she’s 5’5″.

Things are slowly greening out. Spring is late. We had a teaser of sun this morning, quickly to fade back to grey and cold. I’ve yet to start seeds in the greenhouse. The veggie garden area will be smaller this year. I’ve arranged for a young man with a backhoe to come in and dig two jolly great holes and a trench joining them — in early July. He’ll need maneuvering room, hence the smaller garden. I’ll plant squash and things closer to the house. I’m looking forward to this!

Gardening is magnificently expressive. Trying new things, new places to grow things, successes and failures, I love the adventure of it!

Roo’s growing like a weed. Just over fifty pounds at 7 months. He loves the water which is unusual for Sharpei. Great fun watching him! It’s his last Best Manners class this evening. He’s a clever boy and loves learning.

I’ll spare you a rant about plastic.

Harold is sleeping. He’s looking forward to long snoozes on the futon on the porch when the weather warms up. We’re all looking forward to that!

Do you have an Everest of a gardening project? Are you still in the depths of winter?

Here’s wishing you all well!



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