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A week of crazy weather

Well, that was a whacky week! Sunday night it began to snow and I awoke to close to a foot of snow on Monday morning. Roo delighted in shoveling and rooting about for his ball in the snow. Ever obsessed, he wants me to, “Throw the ball!”

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The Garden: It is obvious the broad beans didn’t get planted, and won’t for a while yet. The highlight was rescuing a cold hummingbird from the porch. Such a sweet bird – it’s fine!
The Kitchen: Made a skillet of sumptuous Shepherd’s Pie. Picture and recipe under “The Kitchen” tab.

Aside from keeping the wood-fire in the house burning non-stop, no projects were done inside the house, nor the future goat barn. I’m hoping this week is more conducive to productivity!

Hoping everyone is staying warm and dry!