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Mid-January – already.

It’s been a wet January. We needed the rain. The two holes and channel are filled with water, much to the duck’s delight. This is their time of year. Want ducks? Think wet!

I’m pretty sure Iris is preggers. She hasn’t come back into heat, so I’m assuming between May 26 – 31st she’ll kid. This is an exciting time! She seems more affectionate and I can hardly wait to see her rounding belly and wonder the number of kids she’ll produce. I’m also anxious. Will she have an easy kidding? Not to worry about it at this early stage. I’m capable of worrying about it later.

I’ve a new list of goals. They seem attainable, yet I know that’s not true. Whether .6 acre or more, unexpected stuff comes up on a farm. Always does. One of life’s many motto’s – Expect the unexpected. That being said, over the next couple years I hope to install an irrigation system, a water retention system (cisterns), and a permanent waterproof structure for the firewood and tote of shavings. Now there’s a savings! Rather than buying smaller bales of shavings from the feed store, I’ve found a source for a 200 cu ft tote of shavings. It’s 4’X4’X4′, lasts five months, and is considerably cheaper. Also takes up less space. It’s awesome!

The indoor list for the house is longer, but, as long as I have a roof over my head, a fireplace to keep me warm, a stove to cook on, and working plumbing, I’m happy. The indoor stuff can wait.

I posted some pictures under the various tabs on the website. A couple of Iris and Alex, the ducks and Winston, A Hua Jiao blend I put on just about everything I eat. I’ll post pictures under the respective tabs on a regular basis, especially ones of Iris. I’ll be getting her used to the milking stand which aught to be interesting!

I’m not going to breed the rabbits until feed costs come down. Last year, a bag of rabbit pellets was $14.99. At this moment, a bag ranges anywhere from $21 – $28. That’s crazy. I’m waiting to hear about the Amrock chickens. They’re a dual-purpose breed I hope to integrate into my current small flock of birds. Fingers crossed. I think they’ll be a great addition to the farm.

Soap! I make batches of soap almost on a daily basis. Love the process. Brings out my inner geek. Watching the frozen goat milk melt when I add the lye, watching the batter thicken and come to trace stage, pouring it into the molds. I just love it! Soon I’ll be using Iris’ milk in the soap! How exciting that will be! Call me a crazy goat lady, but I love my La Mancha’s. I love their milk, and I think it’s the best milk for soap and cheese. For those with other breeds of goat, I know you’ll disagree with me!

At the end of the day, in a world that seems to have gone mad, I’m glad to be tucked away on my .6 acre. I love my life. I feel blessed and am grateful.

I’m attaching a video from a couple nights ago. The sea lions are creating a ruckus these days (and nights). Turn up your volume.

Until next time. Stay safe.