Are you ready? Here we go!

The Story. Yes, we all have – a beginning to our journey.

My earliest and fondest memories, seriously, are ones when I’m outside. Playing, walking, swimming, hiking, creating roadways in the sandbox or the dirt. Observing. Birds. Bird-song. Wind in the trees, flowers, bees, insects in flight, curiosities.

I am, at heart, a person geared toward the outdoors.

From an early age my being, soul, creativity, expressed itself outside. More in tune with the rythym of nature and wildlife than that of the classroom.

Everywhere I have lived, whether rented or owned, I created gardens. Flowers and veggies in profusion. I couldn’t help myself.

Long before I knew anything about permaculture or regenerative agriculture, I intuitively knew that gardens and growing and adding diversity was important.

I am hopeful you will read on, and, in this era of profound change, follow with me as I share my journey of producing sustainable, ethical, delicious products.